Dear Sponsor:



Amar Jyoti Group proudly welcomes you and thank you for sponsoring the Mata Jagran Pooja. It is advisable that you should attend a previous pooja so that you can discuss the arrangements and take any necessary pooja accessories with you.  Special arrangements can also be made for the accessories.  Primarily you are responsible for the pooja, but everyone will help you as a volunteer.   Enclosed is a list of things that you will need for this Jagran pooja.  If you have any questions or need any type of assistance for this pooja, please do not hesitate to call Satish Kapoor at (703) 818-3892.

It is our suggestion that in order to make your Mata Jagran Pooja a great success please calls your family members, friends and members of the Amar Jyoti Group.

Name Phone # Name Phone #

Anu & Satish Kumar (703) 802-3398 Amarjeet Lal (703) 671-0434

Alka & Parveen Malhotra (703) 724-1895 Kuku Singh (703) 525-1731

K. D. Wadhwa (571) 405-6822 Madhu & Satish Kapoor (703) 818-3892



Details on upcoming jagrans can be obtained at:



Pooja Samagary

           Fresh Coconuts (2)

           Ghee (Approx 1 lbs)

           Camphor (Kapoor)

           Dhoop & Agarbatti

           Rolly (for tilak)



           Seasonal Fresh Fruits

           Rice (5 lbs)

           Cotton Balls

           Whole Suppary (11)

           Atta for Jyoti (I lb)


           Pan patta (5)

           Mata Chunni (1)


Pooja Utensils

           Aarti Thali

           Big Katora for Mata Jyoti

           Paraat for Jyoti

           Small Katory for Aarti Diya (4)

           Two Glass or Lotta

           Thalies (3 or 4)

           Big Bowls or Prant (2 or 3)

           Big Trays (2 or 3)

           Small Tray for Mishri and Illaechies


Things to Decorate the Altar

           Decorations Lights


           Red Sari or Dupatta

           Scotch Tape and Push Pins or Thumb Tags

           Scissor and Safety Pins

           Extension Cords



Parshaad ( Quantity should be adjusted according to the expected # of guests)


           Kala Channa


           Seasonal Fruits

           Dried Fruits - (Almonds, Raisins, Kashews, Chhuwaras, Makhanas, Small Pieces of Coconut)

           Mishri and Illaechies


Paper Supplies

           Paper Napkins

           Plastic Spoons

           Rolls of Tin Foil and paper towel

           Small Brown Paper Bags for Dry parshad


Optional Foods


It is sponsors choice to serve snacks or dinner. For dinner please prepare simple vegetarian food with no Onions or Garlic. Please note members of the Amar Jyoti group will eat only after the Aarti.


Other Items (Audio/Visual)


       8 Microphones (including one Cordless)

       3 stands with long arm

       2 stands short for tabla and dholak

       2 stands for backup singers (sitting)

       1 Open port for keyboard plug in

       Appropriate numbers of speakers and one monitor

       Table for Deities and Jyoti, (Centre or Coffee tables are Good)

       4 chairs without arms or stools


For local events (Washington Metro Area) the audio system will be arranged by the Amar Jyoti Group, Group Brings Chunnies and Pictures to Setup the Bhavan. Your help to carry items and setup is greatly appreciated.



If you need to discuss any issue, please contact Satish Kapoor @ 703.818.3892.